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Soul of Doom by ebazii

As always I will explain why I rated each thing as I did. (again originality doesn't really matter in this particular drawing so i'll skip that)

Vision: The way you drew yourself is effective, as your skill allows you to avoid reusing same facial features in your drawings which is a plus. The pose is nice as her arms are under her cloak which reinforces the triangle look to the characters pose. Your pose additionally serves as a target for the eye. In this piece a persons eye would first go to her face and then dawn her body. If the eye goes to the right as it goes down they are introduced to the symbol behind her (which is places VERY nicely) then the eye can go wherever it wants :3 but it is mostly contained by the character and the box in the background. Which is good because it keeps the eye from wandering off of the page to you know the "x" mark in the webpage XD

Technique:Shading is there, perspective is also there, but to me part of the beauty in your drawings comes from the textures you use (BEWARE these textures may be your crutch). The reason for this is because your background has "more" going on inside the lines and your character seems more reserved due to the smooth colors and gradations used. Now this isn't all the time a bad thing because on the flip side the texturized background contrasts with the non-texturized character which defines her in the image.

I think your perspective work here is relevant in the hand sizes and your darker green tones. Overall I like it perspective wise, but I would suggest trying to manipulate the line weight to further show your perspective. Use bigger bolder lines for the ones closest and little to no line for objects far away.

Shading is good its nice and smooth and your color pallet is really thematic. I personally like how the outline for the symbol in the background is turning white which blends it with the background..

Impact: again i hate this word =_= but anyways due to the way you presented the character in front of the symbol like that it is compositionally strong. There is a slight wow factor but at least to me without a setting or a moody feel or tone to the overall image you can only get so far with evoking emotions with your viewers.

Last thoughts:
Things I like: The shoes look correct
The skin tines are effective
The composition is your strong point here
Leading eye line is evident
The overall form look pleasing
Shape is good
Perspective is there
Your signature is integrated nicely withing the drawing and reinforces the leading eye line. Most importantly though it isn't taking attention away from the drawing.

Things that could be better:
shading technique is too reserved for the character here (i feel)
The cloth on her upper but attaching to her torso could maybe be crunched to show her compression in her pose.

Overall this is one of your better drawings ^^ don't take these critiques to heart just use them to learn from them. Keep on drawin! Practice is the mother of skill.
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